BEMER Pro Set Overview

BEMER Pro Set Overview

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BEMER Device

What is BEMER?

BEMER is an FDA registered Class I medical device backed by two decades of research and development. As an innovative clinical and home-based therapy option it can significantly benefit people of all ages as shown in these videos.

BEMER NASA AgreementBEMER uses a complex patented waveform (the BEMER signal) that is transported into the body via a pulsed electromagnetic field, resulting in increased blood flow in the smallest blood vessels that constitute 74% of your circulatory system. It thus enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to every cell, leading to a vast improvement of a wide variety of conditions as shown in the BEMER Pro Technology Videos.

What Sets BEMER Apart from the Rest?

  • BEMER's proprietary waveform (called the BEMER signal) is based on a special wave shape originally patented in 1998 by Dr. Wolf A. Kafka of the University of Munich who had a career at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. The BEMER signal is protected by five international patents.
  • Over two decades of research and development have led to the design of a multi-dimensional sinusoidal BEMER signal with very specific and highly effective modulations of amplitude and frequency; the most diverse and frequent signal of any PEMF product on the market—resulting in far more effective and longer lasting benefits.
  • BEMER has been used by over 1 million people in over 40 countries; is used and endorsed by world-class athletes including Olympic medalists and world champions; is in use in thousands of clinics and tens of thousands of homes; and has gained the attention of NASA, which signed a cooperative agreement with the company.
  • BEMER's effectiveness has been validated by articles in over 50 medical publications, and over 600 general publications on BEMER technology's use (not just generic PEMF devices) in scientific research. See these clinical study abstracts.

How Does It Work?

The patented BEMER signal features two primary frequencies—10Hz and 30Hz—that affect arterioles (small-diameter microcirculation blood vessels that have muscular walls consisting of one or two layers of smooth muscle, carry blood from arteries to capillaries, and are the primary site of vascular resistance), and venules (the microcirculation vessels that carry deoxygenated blood from the capillaries to the veins). The 10 Hz frequency has a direct effect on the vessels at the nerve level, and the 30 Hz signal triggers the production of nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator.

Of the 11 systems in your body (such as your nervous system, digestive system, lymphatic [immune] system, respiratory system, and muscular system), the one bodily system that nourishes and helps restore every other system is your circulatory system. This is where the BEMER signal has its effect.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Relief of Discomfort: Over 10,000 research studies have demonstrated that pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy aids in the relief of discomfort by (a) increasing endorphins, serotonin, and other hormones that help relieve discomfort; (b) reducing the signal causing the discomfort; (c) helping regenerate the tissue so the discomfort actually goes away.
  • Better Overall Health: When blood flow is interrupted, cells normally fed and fueled by those vessels tend to age faster. The lack of oxygen and nutrients to the cells may lead to feelings of fatigue, aching, soreness—and may contribute to disease or illness. Significantly improving blood flow in the smallest of vessels leads to far better overall health and wellness.
  • More Rapid Healing from Surgery, Medical Treatments, and Illness: BEMER therapy promotes natural healing and faster recovery due to its stimulation and enhancement of circulation to tissues and organs throughout the body. Improved circulation supports the body's own natural immune functions, reduces stress on the body, and makes it easier to recover and heal more rapidly.
  • Improved Cognitive Function & Mental Focus: By increasing blood flow, the brain is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. When BEMER use is paired with sufficient hydration, people can enjoy a clearer, more organized mind; enhanced mental focus; better performance at work, school, or in training; and a greater sense of well-being and calmness.
  • Enhanced Sports & Recreation Performance: Increasing micro-circulation provides more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and organs, making it easier to push the body to new heights. In addition, risk of energy is reduced as muscle strength is improved; recovery time greatly reduced; and the body becomes more efficient at managing temperature and energy for greater stamina.
  • Prevention: Researchers believe the lack of sufficient oxygen and nutrients in the cells is one of the root causes of many illnesses. BEMER therapy enhances the oxygenation of and the delivery of nutrients to each cell, organ, and tissue. Spurring cells to function at an optimal level allows cells to more efficiently and effectively address, attack, and correct abnormalities.
  • Reduced Stress: Clinical studies have demonstrated that pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is very effective in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders and stress without the side-effects medications may cause. PEMF therapy electrically excites the neurons to dispense their own natural chemicals, helping balance out deficiencies and restore normal brain function.
  • Improved Sleep: BEMER therapy also helps relax muscles and nerves—leading to an improved quality of sleep. Many report sleeping far better after their first BEMER session. In addition, BEMER has a patented Sleep Program that fosters increased and improved blood flow during sleep when the body is in its restorative phase.

BEMER Testimonial Videos on YouTube & Vimeo

Below are links to just a few of the wealth of BEMER-related videos on YouTube & Vimeo.

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BEMER Technology Videos

See a number of videos on how BEMER's patented waveform vastly improves microcirculation, thus aiding the body in speeding recovery and healing while improving overall health.

Additional BEMER Technology Info

How Would I Use the BEMER at Home?

BEMER therapy at home requires only 8 minutes per session—and with just two sessions per day (morning and evening) you will experience an improvement in your health and wellness due to the enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. The BEMER Pro system is very easy to use, as described in the BEMER Pro Setup and Usage Videos.

Is it Cost Effective?

Absolutely. With BEMER's anticipated 10+ year life span, the lifetime cost of a BEMER Pro system for use at home comes to less than $50 per month, or around $1.64 per day. When shared by two people the cost per person comes to under $25 / month (around $0.82 per day)! When used twice a day at home, many have found BEMER therapy to be truly life-changing—and compared with what you might otherwise end up spending to restore and maintain your health, BEMER is a true bargain!

How Can I Buy My Own BEMER?

Simply get back with the person who directed you to this website, as they can help you with ordering your own BEMER Pro set (and/or BEMER Vet Horse set)—and if you wish, help you understand the advantages of sharing it with others.