BEMER Vet Horse Set Overview

BEMER Vet Horse Set Overview

Affordable, Effective, and User Friendly

Horse Blanket
The BEMER Vet Horse set, which compliments the BEMER Pro set, supports you in the optimum care of your horse(s), helping improve health and increase performance. The BEMER Vet Horse set utilizes the same unique and internationally patented BEMER signal and Liechtenstein/Swiss made manufacturing that has made BEMER globally successful for over two decades. The BEMER Vet Horse model is easy to use (as shown in the BEMER Vet Horse videos) and fits mid-sized ponies to tall race horses.

BEMER uses a complex patented waveform (the BEMER signal) that is transported into the body via a pulsed electromagnetic field, resulting in increased blood flow in the smallest blood vessels. The result is enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to every cell, relief of discomfort, faster recovery and regeneration, better performance, reduced stress, and improved focus and mental clarity.

Of the 11 systems in the body (such as the nervous system, digestive system, lymphatic [immune] system, respiratory system, and muscular system), the one system that nourishes and helps restore every other system is the circulatory system. This is where the BEMER signal has its potent effect.

What are the BEMER Vet Set's Benefits?

Two-HorsesThe BEMER signal has a positive effect on your horse's entire body, and effectively stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for the stimulation of “rest and digestive” activities. The application of BEMER before training, competitive riding, or transportation aids in the tranquility and comfort your horse experiences. Through the use of BEMER Vet products, your horse will benefit from faster recovery, regeneration of muscle tissue, and more efficient hydration.

The BEMER Vet Set

  • Promotes rehabilitation
  • Promotes regeneration of the muscles
  • Reduces stress (during transportation or competitions)
  • Relaxes the psyche and the muscles (before riding)
  • Supports faster recovery after injuries
  • Increases parasympathetic activity

The BEMER Vet Set is Easy to Handle & Effective

  • Intuitive and easy operation
  • Lightweight, resilient, and easy to clean
  • Integrated stitched coil technology and control unit
  • Up to 15 applications per battery charge
  • 3 preset treatment programs (5, 10, or 15 minutes)
  • 3 high-quality fixation straps (adjustable in length)
  • Easily adapts to the size of each horse
  • Utilizes the patented BEMER signal

The BEMER Vet Horse Blanket

Our horse blanket is the solution for large-area applications. The blanket generates a BEMER signal field that encompasses and permeates your horse. The small, yet extremely efficient signal control box is optimally placed for easy usage and contains a high-quality battery that supports up to 15 applications per charge.


The BEMER Vet Horse Cuff

With the help of the BEMER Vet Horse cuff you can provide focused therapy in the neck and leg regions—the areas that suffer the greatest strain.

Three Durations and Intensity Settings

Push-ButtonWith the help of the BEMER Vet Horse cuff you can provide focused therapy in the neck and leg regions—the areas that suffer the greatest strain.
  • Program 1 is the lowest intensity program and runs for 5 minutes.
  • Program 2 begins with the same intensity as P1, increases to medium intensity, and runs for 10 minutes.
  • Program 3 begins with the same intensity as P1, increases to a medium intensity, then reaches high intensity (35 µT in the case of the blanket or 100 µT in the case of the cuff), and runs for 15 minutes.


Ludger Beerbaum  
It's great that I can now treat my horses with the BEMER System. The BEMER Veterinary Line helps the animals' vitality and has already become an integral part of our work.

Ludger Beerbaum
Quadruple Olympic medalist and successful trainer
Linda Tellington-Jones  
After using the BEMER Vet on countless horses, I have seen remarkable improvements in performance, behavior and health. Horses love the BEMER and you will too!

Linda Tellington-Jones
Hon. Ph.D., Animal Ambassador, Teacher, Trainer and Author of 21 books in 15 languages.
Chris Pratt  
I've been using the BEMER on my horses twice a day, and they're staying relaxed, using their bodies and muscles to their fullest range and jumping quite well!

Chris Pratt
Canadian Equestrian Team Champion rider, and winner of the Cardel Holmes Meter Thirty Jump-off Competition at Spruce Meadows
Candice King  
BEMER is taking the equestrian industry by storm! Short, daily sessions are natural and safe, assisting with optimum performance for both horse and rider.

Candice King
World Class Grand Prix Show Jumping Champion and USET Gold Medalist with multiple FEI Titles and Awards.


We generally recommend using the BEMER Vet Horse model daily prior to and/or after riding, transportation, or competition. Begin with a low intensity / duration and increase it gradually. During the course of use you will quickly discover under which program your horse feels best.

How Can I Buy My Own BEMER Vet Horse Set?

Simply get back with the person who directed you to this website, as they can help you with ordering your own BEMER Vet Horse set (and/or BEMER Pro set)—and if you wish, help you understand the advantages of sharing it with others.